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We are so thankful for Dave and team! Our dog Pearl was very aggressive towards anyone entering our home and yard. She would attack and was to the point we were crating her while we had visitors. We came to K9 Kindergarten to discuss an electric fence and the training that goes into it. We didn't know K9 worked with behavior issues. Dave got to talking with me and I explained Pearl's aggressive behavior and my hesitation with getting a fence put in and her attacking the trainers. He suggested behavioral training first and then fence training. We couldn't believe how well Pearl did! Neither could our family, friends, neighbors and even mailman (she "loved" him the most). She no longer attacks and is so much more confident and calm. We are much more relaxed and happy too. Thank you again for changing both Pearl's and our lives for the better! Happy pup and happy family!  - Liz Johnson


Axel completed his training at K9 KINDERGARTEN !

He’s very proud of himself! He even learned how to read upside down. Damn those are some good dog trainers 😝.

Axel has severe separation anxiety. I wasn’t able to leave him in his crate or even leave him alone for that matter without worrying about him possibly hurting himself or destroying the house in his panic. So, the biggest focus of his training was to work on him being ok left alone and in his crate without him going into full panic mode.

He’s made HUGE leaps in his training and I can successfully leave the room and leave him alone without him going into panic. SUCH a relief for him and I. No one wants to have their dog feel panicked alone not being able to relax when they’re not around. Nor does anyone want to have to worry about leaving their dog with fear of them hurting themselves.

We can both breathe a bit easier now!! 🧘🏼‍♀️ and will continue with his training at home.

Thanks K9 Cuisine N More - Axel & Bree

Have you ever read the book or seen the movie Marley and Me? I adopted a 15 month old yellow lab that behaved just like Marley. His name is Cosmo. He jumped on guests, knocked over plants and ate the dirt, unrolled a roll of toilet paper like a streamer across the house, counter surfed, and ate an entire stick of butter all in the first 15 minutes of being at our house! He was into mischief every moment of every day. If he was awake, it was total chaos! I signed him up for training at K9 Kindergarten the first day I had him. He was trained by Jessica and Dave 8am-4pm Mon-Fri for two weeks. This training worked miracles! He sits nicely when guests arrive, no longer steals from the counters, leaves the toilet paper alone, stays in the yard, comes when called, and walks like a dream on the leash. The training team was kind, patient, helpful, and knowledgeable about dog training. It has been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend them! ~ Elissa Ladinski


We called K-9 Kindergarten because we have (2) 1 year old cockapoos. Toby and Kayla are siblings. Both had behavorial issues. Everything from barking,running from us, digging, potty training and not responding to our come commands.

      Thanks to K-9 Kindergarten we now have 2 exceptionally trained dogs. We had a large dog fenced area in our yard. Now, because of K-9 Kindergarten, we have an underground fence. Even though the dog fenced area we had was quite large, it limited the joy and fun we could have with the dogs. K-9 taught us and Toby and Kayla how much we were missing.

      Now, whether we are inside the house or outside, we don't have to yell or get mad because they are not listening. or worry that they might get hit by a car. The dog fence was the best investment we made. Life is so much easier and safer now. Also, much more fun for us and them. Thanks K-9. We am extremely greatful for all the time you spent with us.

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