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Basic & Advance 
Obedience Training

How Can We Help You

K9 Kindergarten offers a 100% guarantee for the life of your pet with our basic and advance obedience course.  Our course offers training with the following issues:

    - Digging

    - Counter Surfing

    - Grabbing items around the house

    - Barking

    - Jumping

    - Coming when called outside with distractions 

    - Staying off furniture

    - Leash pulling

    - And much more......


Why Use A Dog Training Collar

Some dogs can be trained easily with treats over a period of time to become well mannered dogs.  On the other hand, some dogs need more than treats, clicker, and leash training to be a well mannered pet. Others may have behavior issues or they may just need help with understanding their place in the pack.  These are some of the things that can not be trained with treats, clicker, or leash training. In most cases these issues may need another form of training using a dog training collar with the help of a professional trainer.  


Unfortunately, you don't have to have a license to buy or use a dog training collar. There are a lot of trainers and pet owners that rely on them for the rest of the dogs life, train by fear, and overuse the collar, instead of earning the dogs trust and respect. Because, of the misuse of these collars by pet owners, not using them correctly, it is giving the dog training collars a misinformed conception to other pet owners.


Over the years dog training collars have changed in design and engineering giving them improvement over the last decade,  they now offer a greater range of correction, distance, and have added the vibrating and tone only features. These features help dog  trainers find the “right” settings for each dog level that the dog will respect, yet is humane and not fear-inducing. Many well known professional dog trainers have been using these collars for years and are able to get the dog’s attention very quickly, to help  get the desired results to stop unwanted behavior, improve off leash recall, and help stubborn and aggressive dogs that won’t take “no” as an answer.


So, if you are tired of your pets bad manners, aggression, or simply want to run them off leash, make sure to meet with a professional and ask them how they use a dog training collar with their training. You want to make sure that you are not just correcting a behavior without the dogs understanding of why they are getting the correction. Also, you want to make sure that your words are more powerful than the consequence.  When the dog receives a correction you want them to know why they are getting the correction and when you get the desired response you give them all the loving and praise they want and deserve.


If you need help with your pet, give one of our K9 Behaviorist a call at K9 Kindergarten.  They work with your dog and you so you have 100% control of your dog while off leash. They teach you how to use your dog training collar, so your dog understands why they are getting the correction. Think of it as a seat belt that is worn for their safety, much like the seat belt you wear while driving. If your not wearing it when it is needed, IT DOESN'T WORK!


Vaccinations Required 

Vaccinations needed for training services are:  

     - Rabies - 1 or 3 year (depending on age)

     - DHPP- 1 year 

     - Bordetella - within 6 mo. or yearly if done nasal         - Fecal -  within the last 6 months

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