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Fireworks & Dogs

It is natural for dogs to be afraid of loud📣 noises. The sound of fireworks🎆 trigger their nervous systems and they can become anxious and afraid. Running away from the noise is a survival instinct for them. Remember, to your dog, the experience of fireworks🎇 is different than other natural noises, like thunder.

So if you need to board your fur baby for 4th of July make sure to give us a call📱 at K9 Kindergarten 586-232-4955 to book boarding of the Holiday and ask us about our new pet sitting and dog walking services! But do it soon because we are filling up FAST!🏃‍♀️ #fireworks #boarding#petsitting

K9 Kindergarten 55220 Van Dyke Shelby Twp MI 48316 586-232-4955

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