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What If My Pet Is Missing?

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

What If Your Pet Goes Missing?

Imagine losing your dog or cat; you would have a much better chance of being reunited with your pet just by following these few simple steps.

During the Fourth of July season more pets go missing than any other time of the year. It is your responsibility as pet parents to make sure you follow these simple steps, in order to keep your pets safe and insure a happy safe return.


  • Keep pets indoors with a radio or TV playing during the loud noises of fireworks, thunderstorms, or any loud noises that may be outside this time of year. Make sure you keep them in a room in their crate, if they use it as their safe place, bed and some water so that they feel more secure. By keeping them in a room this will insure that they won’t escape when guest or family members are going in and out of the house.


  • Make sure your pet has a collar with an ID tag, listing your phone number. ID tags are the first thing people look for when they find a lost pet. ID tags can be purchased at your local pet store and the cost is minimal.


  • Microchip your pet as soon as possible. Many rescue groups are now microchipping their pets but if you find your breeder or rescue is not doing this, simply set up an appointment with your local vet for a microchip. A microchip is a small inert device the size of a small grain of rice. Each chip is coded with a unique number and inserted between your pets shoulder blades. You must then register this chip for a minimal cost with the microchip company. If you don’t register this number your microchip will be useless. If your pet is lost or if you find a pet, just take them to your local vet or animal shelter. They will be able to scan the pet to see if they have a chip and match the registered number to the online database. So please when getting a microchip make sure that you or your vet REGISTER the unique number into the database.


  • Social media is turning into a part of our daily lives. While most people have at least one account that they check daily, more and more people have several. They also have a smart phone which allows them to always keep their social media close. For this reason, many people have started using social media to find lost pets. From posting pictures on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook groups, one major group in our area is “For The Love Of Louie *michigan lost pet lookers*, It’s easy to get the word out and have others help you spread it.


  • The community you live in is a great resource for helping find lost pets. Give your local vets, fire departments, and local shelters a call to report your lost pet with a description of the pet, their personality, color of collar or leash they may have on and your contact information. Post pictures of your pet in local restaurants, gas stations and local grocery stores.

It can be devastating when you lose a pet. However, by follow these simple steps it is more likely that you will find him/her (and fast). Just make sure that you include all of the pertinent information (as well as your contact information) and make all social media posts public so others can share it.

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